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True Marble GLCD

Unearthed Outdoors is proud to present our land cover classification datasets. Our True Marble GLCD™ datasets are unique in that they are global and 15m resolution. While other global land cover datasets exist, and other high resolution datasets exist, these are the first to combine both features.

These datasets are still highly experimental. The accuracy varies greatly by vegetation type and region of the world. Please look at the free download before ordering to ensure that it meets the requirements of your application.

However, this dataset would be very useful for applications such as cartography. Land cover datasets are very useful in producing natural-color maps. Replace each palette colors with a more natural color to create a high resolution "National Geographic" or "Rand McNally" style map. For more details on this usage, see Hal Shelton Revisted: Designing and Producing Natural-Color Maps with Satellite Land Cover Data by Tom Patterson.

Two classifications schemes are available: NLCD and GLC. They are based on the existing schemes NLCD 1992 and GLC2000. True Marble GLCD is in no way affiliated with either dataset beyond the schema. Generally speaking, True Marble GLCD-NLCD is more accurate than True Marble GLCD-GLC.